Five Minutes Of Torah – Bedtime Stories for Parents & Children

Experts say that the best time to pass messages on to a child is before they go to sleep.

That’s when the child is calm and needs attention from his mother and father, and akind word… But it is usually at this time that there is a lot of pressure and the parents are tired after a long day, so, many times it goes like this:

“Sweetie, go to sleep, it’s late…” The child goes to bed then screams: “Abba, come tell me a story…” The thoughts start to run through the father’s head: “Oye. What am I going to tell him now? I’ve already told him all of the stories I know…” Then the father says: “Put your head on the pillow…I’ll be right there…” And in his heart he prays that the child will fall asleep…. Which does not usually happen…Then he is forced to come and begins: “Once there was…” then…the father yawns a great big yawn…”a great king…” and then the father falls asleep.

Yes. The child has done a good job of putting the father to sleep. Until when? When the mother screams from the living room: “Abba…is everything ok?” and the child answers instead: “Abba fell asleep, come wake him up…”

And the days go by and the child grows, and what about all of the everlasting values that we must teach them? Well, in order to redeem the parents and children alike, with Hashem’s help, we have published and translated this new book!


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